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You select your favorite pages, widgets and cover color using the provided tool below. Below are listed some instructions to guide you


We design your planner and send you a pdf copy via e-mail in order to check the design. This process may take up to 48 hours


You confirm via e-mail that the planner meets your criteria. A second round of review may be possible

weSent you the link

Upon your validation, we will provide you with the secure link to purshase your planner via Amazon platform. This process may take up to 72h


  • Widgets are organized by themes. Feel free to pick up widgets from different themes.
  • Please avoid selecting a large number of widgets. This could alter the final interface and minimize the planner efficiency.
  • Widgets will be part of the ‘daily pages’, you will be invited to add monthly and/or weekly pages if you wish
  • Once submitted, the form can not be edited, if you make any mistake, feel free to contact us (contact@u-plan.org)
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